Our mission Hoops4life Inc. is a non-profit (501)c)3 organization. We our celebrating 10 years of making a difference serving Waterbury, Connecticut and surrounding suburban-rural communities for boys and girls between the age of 9-18 years old .Our programs offer a safe, supervised, healthy act ivies to keep at-risk youth off the streets and involved in our sports and education programs. Our focus is providing an alternative platform that is encouraging, embracing, and equipping them to make better choices, many of whom are impacted by these realities, and maybe living at risk. It fills their time with a structured activity design to engage them physically, gain mental development and social maturity. Hoops4life Inc. promotes teamwork, leadership, and character. We welcome volunteers, and positive coaches to join us to continued serving our community.

Our objective: is to provide student-athletes with the opportunities and experiences to grow, learn in a safe, supportive environment.

Integrity: In all aspects of behavior. The highest sense of integrity shall characterize every aspect of policy, performance and programs.

Leadership:  Develops relationships with others, compassion, have the ability to lead and motive team members.and provide an atmosphere that instills respect. team spirit and sportsmanship. As well as commitment to “give back” to the community.

Hoops4Life believes in giving student athletes a firm foundation to develop, teaching skills and concepts. Equally important, our staff of volunteer coaches and certified officials teach players to use these skills effectively as a team.

Hoops4Life program emphasizes teamwork, building character,and encouraging sportsmanship. Parents have a significant role in Hoops4Life programs. We encourage open communications between parents, director and coaches, to help ensure that any concerns they may have about their child are appropriately addressed.

Through Hoops4Life we believe all youth should have access to our sports, and educational programs. We hope our programs will increase their knowledge and awareness about (STEM) Science, Technology, Math. and sports. We provide healthy, educational, and safe challenging activities to our youth which will help guide them toward their fullest potential as athletes, and as valued citizens of our communities. We want our student- athletic to enjoy the experience to develop the confidence, and strength their skills either through education or sports-to become the best that he/she can be.

About our Program:

  • Open to boys & girls ages 9-18 years old, who are currently enrolled and attend a elementary , middle and high school in the Greater Waterbury area.

  • Program runs in three components – spring, summer, and fall leagues. expand to AAU for boys/girls in spring/summer

  • Players of all skill levels are eligible to play.

  • Structured program with coaches & certified officials.

  • Five divisions and number of teams dependent on registration.

  • Games are Monday through Thursday evenings.

  • Each team plays no more than two practice,and two games per week.

  • Summer includes an All-Star game, a championship tournament, and uniform, and T-shirts.

  • Players receive meals at each game (summer only) vary.

  • 4 hour volunteer service requirement.

  • STEM program Destined4Succeed ( summer) Science, Technology, Math

  • Scholarship

About the Founder: Deneen Fryer

Deneen Fryer has over 30 years experience in basketball as a player and a coach. Her coaching career began in 1989. Since that time she has served as coach for girl’s basketball teams at Crosby High (Freshman, JV & Varsity), Westover Prep (JV), Kaynor Tech (JV), past head coach of the Saint .Mary’s varsity girls basketball team and currently Ansonia Middle School girls coach. In addition Deneen current coach girls AAU,  has volunteered for many basketball camps such as Special Olympics, Slamma-Jamma Basketball Camp, CT Starter Camps, and PAL AAU team. A certified IAABO Basketball Official since 2003. Deneen is committed to promoting the positive aspects of sports and academics for the youth in the Waterbury area.

Email Deneen Fryer. hoops4life0092@aol.com